Earn rewards for qualified referrals!

Graphic Representing referred people equalling money
$50.00 per worksite employee (WSE)!

Example Payouts:

10 WSE = $500
25 WSE = $1,250
50 WSE = $2,500
150 WSE = $7,500
300 WSE = $15,000!

Definition of a Good Referral: A good referral is a C-level contact (CEO, CFO, etc.) who holds a significant position as an owner, founder, or financial decision-maker in their company.

Small to medium size companies are preferred with a minimum of 5 employees.

Refer a qualified business to BestFit PEO Solutions and get a $100 gift card when they have a completed first meeting within 14 business days of submitting the referral form.

Note: The first meeting must include the decision-maker with budgetary approval for outsourced HR and group health benefits. No cash or substitute prizes can be requested, but we may offer a prize of equal or greater value if necessary. The gift card may be subject to fees, charges, minimum requirements, and expiration. If your referral becomes a BestFit PEO Solutions client, you'll be rewarded based on the referred company's WSE at the time the PEO takes effect. If payout is greater than $5,000, 50% will be paid at the time the PEO takes effect and the other 50% will be paid after the client has been with the PEO for three months.



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